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If you purchased Lava Ultimate Restorative CAD/CAM blocks made by 3M Company, placed those blocks as crowns, and had patients who experienced any full or partial debonding of those crowns, you could get a payment from a $32.5 million class action settlement.

A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit concerning whether Lava Ultimate Restorative blocks made by 3M Company (“3M”) and sold to dentists and dental practices performed as warranted or represented when the blocks were milled and seated as dental crowns. 3M denies Plaintiffs’ claims and allegations.

The settlement, if approved by the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota, would provide $32,500,000 to pay (1) Class Members who submit eligible claims, (2) attorneys’ fees and expenses, (3) service awards to the Class Representatives, (4) notice and claims administration costs, and (5) taxes due on any interest earned on the Settlement Fund, if necessary.

Class members may submit claims and elect to receive:

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